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We are celebrating this event by launching an appeal to obtain sponsorship for each of the children at our Education Centre.

Your sponsorship could change a child’s life and enable dreams to come true.
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2014 has got off to a great start with lots of activities for the children and new programs being introduced.
We welcome a new member of staff – General Manager Youchheng Uch.  He has a University degree and considerable experience working with international NGOs.  He lives in Siem Reap with his wife and daughter.  Chheng will be busy with a number of new initiatives such as the mentoring and career development program for the older children,  a pre-school program for the community,  and a school support program for girls.  This program is designed to enable girls from poor families, who have reached grade 6 in primary school, to continue their education in secondary school.  Many girls drop out of school at the end of primary school for family and other reasons.  Yet development experience has shown that educating girls at least to year 9 is critical to the success of measures to fight poverty.

Sports Day

Again this year some of our children have taken part in the Giant Puppet Project in Siem Reap.  For some of them this is their first visit to the ‘big city’.

camb 2014

It is an opportunity to meet children from other NGO projects and to learn and have fun being part of a really creative activity.  Once again the children absolutely loved the experience.

Puppet Parade

The children showed off the benefits of their dancing and music classes when they were invited to perform at the local pagoda festival.



The younger children had a great time when we went to Kbal Spean for a picnic lunch and paddle in the river.


Our wonderful volunteer Brian Hammond has been back again for another 3 months working with one of our poorest communities to help them improve their living conditions.


Community meeting at our centre to plan home repairs


This time we have been working with families to repair their dangerously inadequate shelters, and install guttering and water tanks to provide clean water.